Air Occupy Radio Show – RNC, DNC, and Protesters’ Rights

A radio show called Air Occupy recently broadcast a program entitled “RNC, DNC, and Protesters’ Rights.” Abi Hassen, Mass Defense Coordinator for the National Lawyers Guild discussed legal issues surrounding both conventions. Members of Occupy Tampa described preparations for the RNC. I spoke about plans for the DNC on behalf of the Coalition to March on Wall Street South. I also discussed legal obstacles our community has faced along the way.

Air Occupy is broadcast live at 11am, every Tuesday, on Goliath Radio AM 1380 just outside of Daytona Beach, FL.

Description of Air Occupy:

Information for Occupiers and the 99% in the tradition of teach-ins. Air Occupy seeks to educate the public and Occupiers in depth about one discrete topic each week, interviewing both experts and activists.

I encourage everyone to check the program out!

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